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Hearing - it's precious and fragile

August 22nd, 2017

It's Hearing Awareness Week! Ambassadog Lenny wants you to know that hearing is precious and fragile .At Guide Dogs SA we are #morethandogs and have expert staff to assist you manage your hearing loss. Don't wait, many people leave it 10 years to do something about it.

Hearing loss can make it harder to hear others’ speech but it can also affect you in other ways. You might feel like joining in less often or giving some social gatherings a miss, or you might feel more tired because of the effort needed to concentrate more on what others are saying. Sometimes people also feel embarrassed or frustrated when they mishear or lose track of the conversation. Most importantly, you may be more likely to miss important sounds at home and outside, such as cars approaching or your smoke alarm.

Taking action as early as possible is important. Seeking help early means you can be more informed about your options and you have the best chance of managing your hearing loss in the most effective way that’s right for your lifestyle and needs. Hearing loss due to ageing or noise is permanent and won’t improve with time, so delaying taking action only means having less control over your situation in the longer term.

Check out our useful guides to coping with hearing loss.

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