There are many people currently confirmed for a Guide Dog, but are still waiting to be matched with their perfect dog.

The training process to transform one of our gorgeous puppies into a Guide Dog for a person in need requires time, expertise, and resources.

Each Guide Dog costs over $35,000 to raise and train, so you can understand how reliant Guide Dogs are on the continued generosity of supporters like you.

Matching a person who is blind or vision impaired with a Guide Dog-in-training is a complex process to find the most compatible Guide Dog for that individual.

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Your support helped change Margaret's life.

Margaret is a woman with courage, determination and a generous heart. Margaret's journey with Guide Dogs was made possible by your generosity.

Margaret has Congenital Blindness, and by 17 years of age, only 5-10% of vision in her left eye remained.

Margaret started her journey with Guide Dogs 46 years ago. Margaret met the Guide Dogs team when she was just 24 years old to receive orientation and mobility assistance. Guide Dogs Orientation and Mobility Instructor, Prue, has been working with Margaret for 15 years.

With Prue’s support, Margaret learnt how to use a white cane, and from then on Margaret travelled safely and independently. Margaret is now 70 years-of-age, and more active than ever before!

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In the year 2000, Margaret began to experience hearing loss.

When Margaret lost her hearing her world was turned upside down. The confidence that she worked so hard to build was lost.

Guide Dogs offer the only dual-sensory hearing and vision service in South Australia – our team’s expertise supported Margaret as her hearing began to fade.  

The Guide Dogs Hearing Services team fitted Margaret with special hearing aids, and gave her advice on how to manage her hearing loss.

“I gave up when I lost my hearing. If I hadn’t had Prue at Guide Dogs, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. She gave me back my confidence and retrained me with my cane.”

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In 2005, Margaret was successfully matched with her first Guide Dog Ives.

In 2005, Margaret’s life changed forever – she was successfully matched with her first Guide Dog, Ives. For the first time in many years, Margaret felt empowered.

“The doors opened when I was matched with Ives. I could walk faster and I was more confident. I began volunteering at my local Nursing Home, working with palliative care residents – they loved spending time with Ives!”

Margaret vividly remembers the moment she whole-heartedly entrusted her life to Ives, “A few months after I got Ives, I was standing at a set of traffic lights, ready to cross the road, the signal sounded and I went to cross the road, but Ives stopped dead, pulling me to a stop. Unbeknown to me, a car had run the red light and came very close to hitting me. Ives saved my life!”

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After years of providing safety and independence, it was time for Ives to retire.

With an average working life of eight to ten years, even a Guide Dog must enjoy retirement after years of providing safety, independence, and inclusion to a person who is blind or vision impaired.

When it was time for Ives to retire, Margaret couldn’t bare to part with him, and Ives has been enjoying his retirement for the last four years at home with Margaret. Margaret desperately needed another Guide Dog.

Margaret had grown accustomed to the independence and safety she had developed, thanks to her beloved Ives, so when she was matched with her new Guide Dog, Vigo, she was thrilled!

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Margaret's wish this Christmas is to support Guide Dogs in changing the lives of others in need.

“Ives and Vigo are the best things that have ever happened to me. I truly hope others in need get to experience the support and companionship of their own Guide Dog. If it wasn’t for the support of the donors and Puppy Sponsors I wouldn’t have my beautiful companion and Guide Dog sitting by my side. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

There are many people currently confirmed for a Guide Dog, but are still waiting to be matched with their perfect dog. People like Chelsea.

29 year-old Chelsea is waiting to be matched with her perfect Guide Dog. Chelsea has Bardet-Biedl syndrome, a disorder that caused her vision to deteriorate from three years-of-age. Chelsea is an active young woman, who desperately wants the freedom to be able to travel independently.   

With your support Guide Dogs can change Chelsea’s life, by giving her the ultimate gift - her very own Guide Dog.

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