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  • Date:
    22 February 2019

On Wednesday 20 February, we welcomed over 250 Guide Dogs supporters to celebrate the graduation of our beautiful C Litter! A big thank you once again to Hotel Grand Chancellor for the warm welcome and for accommodating our dogs on their special day.

We are delighted to share with you this exciting milestone in the C Litter’s journey. Chief Executive Officer of Guide Dogs SA/NT, Aaron Chia, had the honour of introducing the C Litter to guests on this special day. Captain, Chevy, Chia, China, Coco, Cookie, and Coral have reached the end of their Puppy Sponsorship journey and are now preparing to enter the next stage of their career.

The C Litter puppies have explored many different career paths throughout their journey. China has discovered that life as a pet would best suit her personality. She is now living with a loving family providing her endless attention and cuddles. Chevy has graduated into the Assistance Dog program, helping to provide independence to a client with an electric wheelchair.

Coco and Coral have both graduated into the Guide Dog program and will now continue their training to hopefully be matched with a client soon. Whichever path they choose, we are very proud to see them graduate to the next stage of their important careers. 

Along with celebrating the C Litter’s graduation, this event was a great opportunity to honour the achievements of some other remarkable dogs. One of these is Ellis, a Guide Dog recently matched with a client named Joan. Ellis assists Joan with her day-to-day activities and allows her to participate in her local community.

Autism Assistance Dog, Alvin, who completed his training last year, is now changing the life of a young boy living with autism and his family. Vigo, a life companion and Guide Dog to Margaret, has changed Margaret’s life by increasing her ability to remain an active participant in her community. Each of these dogs would not be where they are today without your generous support. Alvin, Ellis, and Vigo are examples of what the C Litter will achieve.

Excitingly, a very special group of puppies was also introduced to guests at the end of the C Litter graduation. The G and I Litters are five adorable puppies who are just beginning their life-changing journey.

Gem, Gilbert, Gizmo, Imani, and Iris are already displaying positive traits and are eager to continue learning new skills as they begin their journey. We look forward to sharing the G and I Litter’s development with our amazing Puppy Sponsors through Pupdates and emails.

Please enjoy some highlights of the day below, or visit our Facebook page for the full album of photographs.

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