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  • Date:
    11 October 2017

Technology is opening up our world at a lightening pace. Our Transition Group of young adults with vision loss were abuzz at the recent Hybrid World festival at Tonsley Park.

With assistance from Access to Arts they immersed themselves in this exciting world of the future and were able to touch and feel many of the exhibits to gain a understanding of what’s possible. They were able to discuss, create and enjoy the showcase of local and innovation and international talent.

They heard from Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro a Japanese Robotics expert, a master of doppelgnger robots, his doppelgnger looked so like him and was so lifelike.  

Everyone got to shake hands and get up close and personal with some of the robots, the group got an introduction session into coding and they entered a ‘portal’ in which they live streamed and chatted to some students from Afghanistan via the portal.

Hybrid World Adelaide was South Australia’s first tech fest for all ages to say hello to the future. The festival included space and biotech exhibits, gaming and e-sports, drones and robots, cybersecurity and agritech and artificial intelligence.

A great activity to discuss, explore and immerse themselves in the future world.

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