Thank you for supporting Guide Dogs

Did you know it costs more than $50,000 to train a Guide Dog, Autism Assistance Dog, or Therapy Dog?

Our vital work means so much to people living with vision impairment, children with autism, and their families. With minimal Government funding and a growing demand for our specialist support, we rely on your generosity to continue changing lives.

Donate to Guide Dogs

Young woman with low vision with her arm around a black Guide Dog.

You can also donate by phone or mail:


Call (08) 8115 6060 to speak with our friendly Fundraising team.


Download and print our donation form, then post it to:

Guide Dogs
251 Morphett Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Your donation will be put to work immediately and you will soon receive your tax receipt in the mail.

Puppy Sponsorship

Puppy Sponsors give a monthly gift to Guide Dogs to help us transform adorable puppies into highly trained Guide Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs or Therapy Dogs.

As a Puppy Sponsor, you’ll share your litter’s joys and triumphs through regular updates. You’ll even get an exclusive invite to their graduation celebration at the end of their Puppy Development program.

Best of all, you’ll give our puppies the best possible opportunity to change a family’s life.

Learn more about becoming a Puppy Sponsor today

A black labrador puppy lying on the grass

Gift for a Guide Dog

Our puppies need specialist equipment and enrichment activities as they develop skills on their journey to become Guide Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs, or Therapy Dogs.

Give a special gift today and help prepare a puppy-in-training for their life-changing career.

How it works

  1. Visit our shop and choose a gift for a puppy-in-training. You will receive a special card that represents your gift – perfect for a loved one or yourself!
  2. Each item represents a donation which goes towards purchasing supplies and equipment for our puppies-in-training.
  3. The gifts you choose help our puppies to learn the skills they will need in their future careers as Guide Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs and Therapy Dogs.
  4. Thanks to you, our puppies will have the best opportunity to change lives.

Choose a gift for our puppies

A small yellow Guide Dog puppy playing with a toy.