As the new tactile $10 note goes into circlulaton from today, help us to celebrate this inclusive momement for the vision impaired community by donating your first “tactile tenner” to Guide Dogs and help us change lives.

Carrying on the tradition started by the $5 note the new $10 note has a tactile feature on the long edge (see above). The new $10 note has two little nodules so people with low vision can distinguish between the denominations.

Other existing features will continue: bright colours; large and bold numbers; and different sizes for each denomination of banknote.

The $5 note has one raised bump and in the future, the $20 next generation banknote will have three bumps, the $50 banknote will have four bumps and the $100 banknote will have five bumps.

To celebrate the tactile feature, and to help Guide Dogs SA/NT fund it’s live changing work assisting people with low vision, please consider donating your first new $10 note.