Today is World Sight Day to bring to the foreground awareness not only of those with a vision loss but also the importance of protecting our own vision.

Experience is a powerful teaching tool and none more so than experiencing what it is like for someone with a vision loss. Over the years Guide Dogs has sought to bring home these challenges  in many and varied ways.

The cabin crews on Ansett flights were also trained on eating an airline meal under blindfold to experience the intricacies of dining in the air.

Guide Dogs have offered this experience in several forms to members of the general public including the Blindfold Dining experience held in various locations over the years and more recently Dining in the Dark held in people’s homes and a North Adelaide Restaurant.

The CEOs Blindfold for a Day, being reliant on their personal assistants and more recently Bosses Blind Date.

 All Guide Dogs SA/NT undergo regular training as Human Guides and also experience the sensation of being reliant on someone guiding. A challenging and confronting exercise that raises awareness of the difficulties experienced everyday by someone with a vision impairment.