An adoring gaze, a wet nosed nuzzle and a warm hug are enough to brighten anyone’s day and our Pets as Therapy dogs have been doing this since their introduction in 1979.

Their calm and unconditional love has been ‘harnessed’ to create strong bonds with people with a disability and enrich their lives with unfailing companionship.

If not suitable for a Guide or Autism Assistance role, our dogs may be selected for our therapy program to enhance the life of someone living with a disability. Dogs have been placed in countless different situations where they utilise the skills they have learned through our development programs.

They are selected for their calming nature and desire to cuddle and be cuddled. We have seen families be uplifted by these special dogs, whether it be by encouraging an anxious child to sleep through the night in their own bed, calmly walking beside the wheelchair of someone with cerebral palsy, or comforting students in a school.

Once again Guide Dogs weave their magic to match dog to human to produce the ultimate partnership.

Enjoy our gallery of the bond between humans and our furry friends.